Trying to make sense of what we experience mentally and emotionally can be difficult. Have you ever been stuck on the question “why can’t I change?” or maybe thoughts of confusion that ask “what is this life really about? what is my purpose?” Do you find yourself struggling to finally “get better” only to experience another rut? A healthy understanding and processing of emotions is essentially a human need. However, many of us do not realize that we are caught in behavioral patterns at a subconscious level that prevent us from making the progress we seek.

I am experienced in assisting clients with specific issues, such as fears or anxieties, depression, or general adjustment issues. I see couples for their relationship and communication problems. Typical outcomes of counseling are improvements in mood, self-esteem, and overall outlook. Japanese Reiki is a hands on healing practice that can be helpful for settling unstable physical and/or emotional energies. Some clients choose to schedule for both counseling and Reiki depending on their needs. The services I provide are about finding solutions that fit for you, in a comfortable space without judgment. I hope to provide this space.

Please visit my profile page on Psychology Today, or visit my website if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me.