We’ve all done it at some point.  We go against our better intuition in making a decision whether it’s casual or of serious importance.  We look back with regret on what we “should have” or “shouldn’t have” done.  We’ll say things to ourselves such as “I had a feeling” or “I knew this would happen”.  Is it good to reflect back with 20/20 hindsight only to condemn ourselves for our “mistakes”?  Probably not.  However, it might be a good thing to take a closer look at why we often shut down our sense of intuition deferring to the “safer” option, the socially accepted one, or even the “easier” one.

Why don’t we trust ourselves more often?  What makes us search for that answer or guidance that seems to always be outside of us?  Why do we defer to someone, or something else, as if they are the expert?  Is there safety in knowing that there is a higher source of knowledge and intuition separate from ourselves?  If we stay within the “norm” maybe we won’t feel embarrassment or shame.  Maybe subconsciously we go away from ourselves thinking there will always be that “savior” to rescue us.  Or maybe by looking outside ourselves we can blame someone, or something, else when it all goes wrong.

The proof that we have the ability to discern our own best interests using our insight can be easily seen, if we choose to look for it.  For example, when we go to the doctor maybe we have that “gut feeling” that says he/she is wrong about our ailment only to find out that we were right when we get that second medical opinion.  Maybe it’s seen in the relationship that ended a year or two after our “gut” told us this wasn’t the right person.  The examples are endless for anyone, it would seem.

Whatever the scenario, the fact remains that we are the sole expert, decider, and master of our destiny.   It doesn’t matter what credentials, experiences, or expertise another individual possesses, we still have to decide what we do with that information or influence from that other person.  There is no doctor, professional, politician, media celebrity, athlete, or anyone that knows us better than us.  The reason is being is that they are human too.  They have their own struggles, lessons, and experiences to navigate.  If someone else is trying to master their own lives, how can they possibly master ours?

There is no experience or answer that is outside of us that we don’t first have to accept as truth.  There is nothing that will make us healthier, smarter, or a “better” person without us allowing that to happen first.  It all starts inside.  However, there is nothing more liberating or terrifying than knowing we have the power, and the responsibility, to shape our lives.   It’s the catalyst for growth, change, and the truth.  It all starts here.