What if Monday didn’t “suck”?  What if it only “sucked” because of what we are doing on Monday “sucked”?

Job satisfaction in America is low.  I don’t need to produce a graph to emphasize that known point.  We work, generally, because we need to make money to live.  Few people love what they do enough to completely embrace Monday as another day of opportunity instead of the stigmatized experience we detest.  Even still, I tend to think that it’s those people’s attitudes that make Monday better for them, not their jobs.

Even if we aren’t in a position to find a new job or career path, it is still in our power to change how we experience our Monday.  However, when we hear sayings such as “make it a great day!”, many of us tend to dismiss it as overly positive, unrealistic jargon.

Maybe there is truth to those words.  What if we had control on how bad our Monday really “sucks”?  Maybe the secret is changing our reality, or at least changing our view on it.

Happy Monday.